The Friars Club Improv + Sketch Competition (NYC All Up In It)

June 1, 2011

The Friars Club announced the ten finalist and alternates for their Improv and Sketch Competition and NYC comedy totally dominated the selections.  Take a look at the final groups below, then go watch them fight each other to the comedy death June 24th & 25th at the UCB theatre.  The winner brings home $5,000 to […]

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Our 3rd Anniversary Show!!!!

May 30, 2011
Thumbnail image for Our 3rd Anniversary Show!!!!

In this week’s episode, we celebrate 3 years of broadcasting our nonense around the world! Guests Claudia Cogan, Nick Turner and Lou Fernandez join in the fun as we play trivia games, introduce our new theme song, play a clip from our first show, and more! Come on in and join the cyber-party, as we […]

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Stewart Kicked Some Serious O’Reilly Ass

May 17, 2011

In case you were like me last night and you were distracted by the How I Men Your Mother wedding surprise or if Chuck was going to be able to save Sarah in time from Vivian Volkoff’s remote control DNA poison devise and you missed Jon Stewart on the O’Reilly Factor here are the two […]

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Writers Vs Performers

March 14, 2011

It is the fight of the century. In this corner, The Performer. With a desperate desire to be liked and full of enough “please-look-at-me” neediness to fill a dozen therapist notebooks, you can see it all over The Performer’s “daddy didn’t love me enough” face, they’re out for blood and laughs, whatever the cost. But […]

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The Great Ice Cream Rivalry of 2011

March 4, 2011

It’s brother vs. brother. Neighbor vs. neighbor. Late night funnyman vs. late night funnyman.  What side are you on: Late Night Snack or Americon Dream?  There can be only one! (actually you can totally have both, but I have learned to never give up a Highlander reference opportunity) The rivalry got pretty serious last night […]

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Charlie Sheen

February 28, 2011

“I am on a drug. It’s called Charlie Sheen. It’s not available. If you try it once, you will die. Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body.” “I’m tired–I’m so tired of pretending like my life isn’t perfect and bitching and winning every second and I’m not perfect […]

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Two And A Half Men Shut The F Down

February 25, 2011

So Charlie Sheen went f’n nuts yesterday and got his show shut down for at least the rest of the season.  Possibly forever.  Will it come back? Hells To The No It Won’t Be Back! Here is what he had to say about show producer Chuck Lorre on Alex Jones radio show. “There’s something this […]

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