Ok Go Wins The Internet Again

June 17, 2010

In case you haven’t seen the new Ok Go video here it is.  As usual, it’s one amazing take and also as usual they make me feel lazy about everything I’ve ever done.  Also here is the best dancing baby in the world.

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Get On Ben’s Sh#t List

June 17, 2010

Comedians Ben Kissel and Adam Wirtz have been hard at work at a new web series called Ben’s Shit List.  Think The Daily Show.  Think Tosh.O.  Think The Soup.  Now stop thinking and start watching because it’s really funny.

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Less Money, Mo Problems

April 22, 2010

Comedy Nerds favorite Tom McCaffrey is rockin’ the mic once again with his new song Less Money, More Problems.  He’s poor with money but rich with rhymes (that sounded less lame in my head. I guess I could go back and erase it…nah.  I mean it’s true.  Tom possesses a plethora of rhymes but a […]

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The Actress – Required Viewing

March 16, 2010

Ann Carr is a super talented comedic actress and she’s making a damn good web series called appropriately enough “The Actress” and I highly recommend checking it out.  I’ve seen a lot of web series type things and this is one of the best.  So many of them turn into these loud farty, quick hitty, […]

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Joselyn Hughes – Comedy Foot Soldier

February 24, 2010

This week’s Comedy Foot Soldier, Joselyn Hughes has rocked all the big comedy scenes in the United States.  She started it all off in Chicago.  But  soon she was like, “I can go bigger” and headed to New York City.  Then she was like “I can go warmer!” and made the move out to LA.  […]

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Comedy Rapping With Tom McCaffrey

February 15, 2010
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Yo kid, this we’ve got the street thug/stand-up comedian known as TMC (a.k.a. Tom McCaffrey) in the studio to bust so dope rhymes and dazzle with his flow.  God, I am so damn gangsta its crazy. Tom teaches up the art of proper comedy rap, we discuss life on the mean streets of NYC and […]

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The Comic’s Comic Saves Lives Too!

January 9, 2010

You gotta love The Comic’s Comic Sean McCarthy.  The dudes got a crazy good comedy blog.  But is that enough for him?  Hells to the no.  Now the dude is saving lives! (Come on man, I already feel bad about my comedy blog quality, now you’re a hero?)  Check out his updates last night from […]

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