Better To Best of The Comedy Nerds – Part 2

August 15, 2011

This week, Dustin and Dan are still away, but don’t panic! We’ll be back next week. In the meantime, here’s more golden oldies from the far distant past of 2009-ish. First up, we talk to Kevin Allison, about his new (at the time) show and podcast Risk!, then Michael Hartney joins us as we put […]

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Better To Best of The Comedy Nerds!

August 9, 2011

This week, Dustin and Dan are away, so here are some highlights of our favorite episodes. First up, Michael Hartney and Claudia Cogan join us to talk about gay comedy, then Dave Hill graces us with his presence in a discussion of slow comedy. If you’re a new listener, use this as an opportunity to […]

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The Evolution Of Animated Comedy

June 20, 2011
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On this week’s episode we discuss adult cartoons. No, not like that. Jeez, get your mind out of the gutter. I mean the kind of comedy cartoons that adults watch. After the “The Flintstones”,  the form lay dormant for roughly twenty-five years before a little cultural atom bomb called the “The Simpsons” went off. Before […]

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Jon Stewart on Fox News – Watch This Now

June 20, 2011

If you heart Jon Stewart like I do you will heart this.  You will probably heart him even more now.  (Fun Fact: I have never written “heart” anything before.  This will be the first and last time.  You just read history people.) Watch the latest video at

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Breaking Down The Upfronts – The Year Of The Sitcom

May 22, 2011
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Television! There are certain shows on it. Next Fall some of those shows will still be on it, while others will not. New shows will take the place of the ones that are gone. But which shows will be which? Don’t panic! Every year, the broadcast networks let you know, in an out-dated but still […]

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Which Comedians Should Have Their Own Show?

May 9, 2011

Every comedian dreams of it.  The (Insert Name Of Dreaming Comedian) Show.  But only a lucky few get to make it a reality.  And thank god because a few actually should.  This week we look at which comedians deserve to have their own show, why and what the show should be.  (Fun Fact: Before each […]

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Funny Folks Who Left Their Shows

April 18, 2011
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It is only a couple of weeks before Michael Scott rides off into the sunset and that makes us sad.  Steve Carell felt he needed to move on, but what about those left behind.  Can The Office survive?  This week we look at past funny people who left their shows.  What happened to them?  What […]

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