The Future Of Comedy

February 1, 2010

“The great red-head hawk shall be killed and eaten by the hideous big-chinned sloth, while in a far off kingdom the cantankerous otter shall laugh. Also, Kimmel’s show will be pretty funny for a week and a half.” – Nostradamus 1561 The future! No one knows what will happen in the future, but this week […]

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Required Reading – Mitchell And Webb

January 27, 2010

(The Required Reading series returns this week, along with the return of featured writer and past podcast guest Mike Blejer. Enjoy!) This sketch first appeared as part of the third series of the BBC Radio show “That Mitchell and Webb sound” in 2007 and then came out as a video sketch on “That Michell and […]

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Ashley Ward – Comedy Foot Soldier

January 13, 2010

I could listen to this week’s Comedy Foot Soldier, Ashley Ward, talk for hours.  She’s got the voice of a sweet southern bell and the mouth of a drunkin’ sailor with turrets who just got hit in the balls with a baseball bat.  She’s hands down one of the most talented improvisers in the scene […]

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Can Comedy Competitions Be Fair?

January 4, 2010
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This week, with the announcement that NBC may be bringing back “Last Comic Standing”, we discuss whether or not you should have comedy competitions. And if you do, is there anyway to make them fair? Can something as subjective as comedy be quantified? Would just changing venues wildly affect the outcome? What are you waiting […]

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Damn (You Wish)

December 1, 2009

Yo kid, when CKC and TMC are in the joint you know that place be rockin’.  (You also know that I be really bad at soundin’ street y’all.)  Check out another amazing videos from the pair along with Beena Steena and directed by the always amazing Anya Garrett. DAMN (You Wish) – NSFW

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The Cost of Comedy Snobbery

November 29, 2009
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When you run a podcast/website called The Comedy Nerds it’s hard not be considered a comedy snob.  Yeah, so what?  So we watch comedy with our pinkies out wearing Polo sweaters and eating little sandwich triangles. But it’s not all rainbows and judging Two & A Half Men.  Is there a cost to comedy snobbery?  […]

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2009 ECNY Nominations Are Open

November 11, 2009

The Emerging Comic community is all abuzz today as nominations for ECNY awards are open.  You, the public get to decide who the best up and coming comedians are in New York City.  You can nominate anyone (in a variety of categories) who lives in NYC and did comedy in 2009.  For example you could […]

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