Conan At The Beacon

November 10, 2011
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This week we are joined by Michael Hartney, as we discuss our trip to see Conan O’Brien at the Beacon Theater in New York! It was totally awesome, and guests Matthew Broderick and Paul Simon were amazing, and we’re not at all upset that we didn’t go to a different show, that had other guests […]

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Darrell Hammond: Impressions Of Drugs, Dispair and Comedy

October 31, 2011

With the upcoming release of Darrell Hammond’s autobiography, “God, If You’re Not Up There, I’m F*cked: Tales of Stand-Up, Saturday Night Live, and Other Mind-Altering Mayhem” we discuss the psychological make-up that pushes comedians to do what they do, how one could possibly handle the pressure of a job like being on Saturday Night Live, with […]

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Being In A Comedy Couple

October 25, 2011
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In this week’s episode we move in to the bedroom…and then on to the stage…then back to the bedroom…then into the kitchen…then maybe down the hall.  Anyway, one funny person in a relationship is good, but what about two.  Can two comedians actually find love…together…and still be funny?  Improv and sketch comedians and married couple […]

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Hulu, Mood Swings & Joke Stealing – From The Mailbag

October 19, 2011

In this week’s episode, we dive into the mailbag to answer questions and discuss topics from you, the listener! How does Hulu affect what shows are on TV? How can a comedy deal with serious topics without creating mood whiplash? If you get tone whiplash, do you have to wear a mood neck brace? And […]

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How Long Should A Comedy Show Really Last?

October 10, 2011

The Simpsons just got renewed for two more years but should it have?  This week we look at when a beloved comedy should ride off into the sunset rather than just sort of hang out and get more and more annoying.  Was Seth McFarland right when he said Family Guy should have been cancelled a […]

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Getting In To Montreal & What All Famous Comedians Have In Common

October 3, 2011

On this week’s episode we talk to freelance writer Steve Heisler, who writes for places like the AV Club and Vulture, among others. He is one of the people who decides who gets into the Montreal Just For Laughs Comedy Festival. We talk about how the process works, why they make the decisions they do, […]

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The New Fall Comedies – What Worked & What Hurt Our Souls

September 26, 2011

In this week’s episode we get all up in the new fall comedies.  You’ve seen them promoted to the point your eyes started to bleed (except for Free Agents – see you didn’t even know that was a show did you?).  We watched them all (well mostly Dustin did) and break down what you should […]

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