Today Is An Equally Bad Day To Be Nick Madson

May 1, 2010

So after everyone and their mother posted the clip of Nick Madson stealing Patton Oswalt’s material yesterday Nick posted a reply.  This was his response: Mr. Oswalt. I would like to sincerely appologize [sic] to you for everything that has transpired in the last couple days. It is not now, nor was it ever my […]

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It’s A Bad Day To Be Nick Madson

April 30, 2010

A comedian stole a bunch of Patton Oswalt’s material and tried to pass if off as his own.  That’s a bad idea.  Like a really bad idea.  He’s not happy about it either.

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The Top 5 Daily Show Correspondents

April 26, 2010
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This week we break down the top 5 Daily Show correspondents of all time.  Seriously, this was hard.  They are all funny.  But someone had to do it (read your Bibles people, it is in there) and we took on the task. Did your favorite make the list?  Take a listen and find out.  Let […]

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Less Money, Mo Problems

April 22, 2010

Comedy Nerds favorite Tom McCaffrey is rockin’ the mic once again with his new song Less Money, More Problems.  He’s poor with money but rich with rhymes (that sounded less lame in my head. I guess I could go back and erase it…nah.  I mean it’s true.  Tom possesses a plethora of rhymes but a […]

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Curb Continues On HBO

April 20, 2010

Just when you thought it was dead and went out like it should, word comes out today from that HBO has picked up Curb Your Enthusiasm for a ten episode second season.  Love the show.  Hate the idea of them holding on too long.

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Why Is Conan With TBS?

April 19, 2010
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This week we recorded the show live on the internet and listeners wrote in to comment. We’re going to do it again soon, so if you’d like to listen and talk to us and other Comedy Nerds fans, watch this site and we’ll let you know the next time we go live! We welcomed Comedy […]

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The Art of Co-Hosting

April 12, 2010
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Folks, some weeks we have a show for you and some weeks we have a show. Know what I’m saying? You don’t? Hmm. Let me start over. This week we welcome the delightful Abbi Crutchfield and Andrew Singer (who is also known as Soce, The Elemental Wizard, which is only like the best name ever). […]

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