Backstage At Sketchfest NYC 2010

June 14, 2010

Sketchfest NYC 2010 has come and gone. You tell yourself to just relax and enjoy it, but it’s hard to stuff that much fun into a single weekend and before you know it, you are waking up a little hungover with aching stomach muscles and smelling vaguely of cigarettes and a McDonald’s dumpster and Sketchfest […]

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Sketchfest NYC Day 3: The Empire Laughs Back

June 13, 2010

Last night Sketchfest NYC came to end with a huge party of sketch, drinking and debauchery.  We tried to stay sober enough to bring you a recap of all the great comedy.  Groups included Dave & Ethan, Germans. Pangea 3000. Free Love Forum, Rue Brutaila, Elephant Larry and MURDERFIST. Click Here to listen to our […]

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Sketchfest NYC Day 2: The Reckoning

June 12, 2010

Sketchfest NYC continued last night and again it was packed houses and awesome shows. The groups included 2 Fun Men, New Excitement, 2-Man No Show, Long Pork, Fearsome, Last Call Cleveland, Dirty Jeans and Thunderchief, The always amazing Kimmy Gatewood and FUCT. Click Here to listen to our audio recap of the entire night and […]

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Sketchfest NYC 2010 Day 1 Round Up

June 11, 2010

Sketchfest NYC kicked off Thursday evening and we were there and apparently so was everyone else.  The UCB Theatre was packed for every show and the groups delivered. The awesome line-up included BOF, Harvard Sailing Team, Audience Of Two, Sidecar, Livia Scott, Mace Bacon and a bunch of rockin’ musical comedy acts.  The highlight of […]

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Making A Hip Hop Hit 101

June 9, 2010

TMC, CKC, Beena Steena and Oasis are back at it again.  It’s called How To Make A Hip Hop Hit 101.  If you didn’t know now you know mother f’er.  Turn up your speakers, pour some PBR on the floor of your studio apartment and get ready for some Trizzle Threat.  Also, I am pretty […]

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Sketchfest NYC 2010 Starts Thursday

June 8, 2010

Some of the best sketch comedians in the country are coming to the UCB theater this weekend for Sketchfest NYC 2010 and for the second year in a row we will be there to cover all the action.  We’ll talk to the groups, recap the shows and babble on endlessly about our love of good […]

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The Best & Worst SNL Movies

June 7, 2010
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MacGruber was the first SNL movie released in a decade and the box office, to put in gently, was a little disappointing. On this week’s episode, we take a look at the history of SNL movies, and see how each fared both commercially and artistically. And no matter how much money they made, or what […]

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