The Most Important Sketch Show of All Time

June 19, 2009

Fresh outta Sketchfest NYC we got to thinkin’ about how important sketch comedy is.  It makes us laugh.  It makes us think.  It makes us…maybe, love.  (Hey, you never know)  Okay, so it’s not like the most important thing but it’s fun.  So this week we decide which of the life changing, orphan saving, polio […]

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Back Off Man. I’m a Gelotoligist

June 18, 2009

Some more comedy science from Mr. Blejer: Gelotology s the study of humor and laughter, its effects on the human body, and of medical abnormalities of laughing. It is also the psychological and physiological study of laughter. The word is from the Greek gelos, geloto meaning laugh, laughter, laughing . Do not confuse this with the […]

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Is That Dog Laughing At Me?

June 17, 2009

We promised your more science from Mikey B.  Here it is y’all. English Essayist William Hazlitt once said “Man is the only animal that laughs and weeps, for he is the only animal that is struck with the difference between what things are and what they ought to be.” It’s a lovely quote. It’s also […]

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Droppin’ A Little Science On Ya’

June 16, 2009

Our boy Mike Blejer dropped by and hit us up with some comedy science facts.  We’ll be posting a few of them over the course of the day: Fact: You are 30 times more likely to laugh when you are with others than when you are alone. (Provine and Fischer, 1989) — So get your […]

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Top Ten Comedy Movies That Are Funnier Than They Had Any Right To Be

June 3, 2009

Some movies just shouldn’t be funny.  You look at the description.  You watch the trailer and you think, my god who let this happen.  Then you watch the movie and to spite everything you thought you knew the movie is actually funny.  You hate to admit it, but they made you laugh.  So this week […]

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Giving & Getting Feedback

May 29, 2009”

Listen.  Hey Listen.  You over there!  You should be reading this faster.  I just gave you feedback on how you should be reading.  How did I know you were reading slow?  I’m a f’n magician of websiteitry that’s how.  But some feedback isn’t as useful as mine is (sorry rest of the universe). On this […]

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Comedy Foot Soldier – Tom McCaffrey

May 14, 2009

When it comes the indie comedy scene in NYC this week’s Comedy Foot Soldier, Tom McCaffrey, is member of the royal family, funky hats and all (see picture below) When he’s not out performing (which is virtually every night) the dude is all over Comedy Central’s programing (Premium Blend and Shorties Watching Shorties to name […]

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