Comedy Feuds & Seeing Saturday Night Live…Live

October 18, 2009
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This week’s episode is ripped from the headlines (of the Huffington Post via The Comic’s Comic).  We look at the top 7 comedy feuds as suggested by the Huffington post and give our takes on who won.  Leno vs. Letterman: Who’s more of a douche bag?  Arsenio vs Rosanne:  Who better represents the early 90’s […]

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CENSORSHIP and why it can go f*ck itself

October 4, 2009
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In this week’s episode we look at censorship and why it f*cking blows.  We examine:  What really are the rules the frickin’ FCC uses for broadcast TV?  Is cursing really a big deal on television any more?  What can we do to free up the airways for saying sh*t and f*ck whenever we gosh darn […]

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Quantity vs Quality

September 28, 2009
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Which is more important: quantity or quality?  Is it better for a comedian to perform all the frickin’ time and do whatever crap they wrote on the back of a napkin or only perform once a month but try really really hard at that shows?  Is a bad reputation better than no reputation at all?  […]

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Podcasting and The Forgotten Asian Comedy Minority

August 14, 2009
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This week welcome New York comedian and fellow podcaster Chris Grace to the Comedy Nerds studios to talk podcasting.  Why do people podcast?  Why is it important to comedy?  Why is Dustin always so mean to the guests? Then we look at the oft forgotten Asian comedy minority.  Why are there so few Asian people […]

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Lessons Learned… Never Tell Them You’re Leaving

August 5, 2009

A good comic should learn something every time they get on stage.  I don’t know if I am a good comic but I sure learned something last night.  I was performing on the a show hosted by my buddy Mike Blejer and the set was going pretty well.  I hadn’t been on stage in a […]

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Talking Comedy Blogging With The Comic’s Comic

July 3, 2009
Comedy Blogging

This week we talk with one of the kings of the comedy blogging world, Sean McCarthy.  For any true comedy nerd his blog,  The Comic’s Comic is a must read. We sit him down to discuss: The importance of a proper comedy blog.  How to interview a suspected joke thief.  How Sean is just like […]

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The Mystery Of The Rule Of Threes

June 26, 2009
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There is just something about the number three.  This week we watched the rule of threes play out in it’s saddest variation with the death of Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson.  While there is nothing at all funny about that when things happen in threes in comedy it’s usually a good thing.  For […]

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