Dan McInerney

The Making of “Porcupine Racetrack”

July 14, 2009

With The State DVDs being released and the premier of “Michael and Michael Have Issues” happening this week, it seems like I can’t turn around without running across something State related. Not that I’m complaining. In fact I’m doing the opposite of complaining, which I believe is called “anti-complaining”. The New York Times will be […]

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Dreams Do Come True

July 2, 2009

Almost a decade. That is how long I have waited for this day to come. And now it’s here. I’m holding it in my hands. I took a picture of it with my camera phone. Fun fact: The first time I heard The State was coming to DVD, the phrase “camera phone” would have been […]

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Jesse Popp Is Cooler Than You

June 22, 2009

Comedian and friend of the show Jesse Popp is featured in this crazily cool slide show, story telling thing in the New York Times that makes his life seem awesome and epic and noble. The Grey Lady Loves Jesse Popp Here’s a bit from Jesse’s stand up that I really liked:

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Happy Father’s Day

June 21, 2009

Watch that salt content:

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Chemical Engineer

June 20, 2009

Our friends over at Escape Pod Films offers up this little gem that is one of my favorite kind of sketches. The terrible local commercial. “That’s it.” Indeed.

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Dana Carvey Show in New York Times

May 11, 2009

In anticipation of the DVD release, the New York Times has a piece about The Dana Carvey Show: Comedy fans may remember it as a crucible in which many future stars were forged. But for the people who created the show, it was a stark lesson that when idiosyncratic talents are given the freedom to […]

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The Connor Shine Controversy Continues!

May 10, 2009

If you haven’t listened to the latest episode (Why would you be reading the site if you don’t listen to the show? Seriously, what is wrong with you?), I told the story of how I lost the class clown award to Connor Shine in high school, and was still upset because I thought I deserved […]

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