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Reviewing The 30 Rock Adult Parody (VERY NSFW)

July 20, 2010
30 Rock Parody

This week we’re joined by guests Lou Fernandez and Rachel Korowitz as we review the 30 Rock adult parody. We watched it in Dustin’s living room, and then recorded our reactions. I thought watching a movie like that with friends would be awkward but instead, it turned out to be very very awkward. You might […]

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Pop Culture Comedy

July 12, 2010
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This week comedian Ben Kissel stops by to talk to us about using pop culture as a basis for your comedy. Sure, it’s a good way to get a quick laugh, but if you’re not careful, your jokes may have the shelf life of Vanilla Ice and Justin Bieber fighting to the death with pet […]

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I Keep Telling You, Zombies Can’t Drive

July 11, 2010

To prove that if there is a divine being he has a dark sense of humor and therefor is like me and therefor I am partially divine,  KGW is reporting that a bunch of people dressed as zombies got into a car crash in Portland. It’s 2010 people, why did it take this long for […]

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Vanity Project At The Friars Club

July 9, 2010

Our week of Friars Club fun concludes with Boston’s own Vanity Project. (Click to listen, right click to download)

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Free Love Forum At The Friars Club

July 8, 2010

Friars Club fun continues with our interview with Free Love Forum…(Click to listen, right click to download)

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Code Duello At The Friars Club

July 7, 2010

On July 11th 1804, Aaron Burr killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel. Two hundred years later, two improvisers imagine why. We couldn’t fit all the Friars Club fun into the podcast so check out our interview with Code Duello. (Click to listen, right click to download)

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Backstage At The Friars Club

July 5, 2010
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This week we are reporting from the FrISC, which is the Friars Club Improv and Sketch Competition. 5 Sketch teams and 5 Improv teams went up against each other and the winner went home with $10,000 to make a short film that will be shown at the Friars Club Film Festival. Dan talks to Sue […]

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