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Friars Club Comedy Film Festival Starts Today

September 23, 2010

Today begins the Friars Club Comedy Film Festival. You might remember, we went backstage at the Friars Club Improv and Sketch Competition, which lead up to the festival. You can listen to it here if you don’t, or you just want to relive the good times. The festival runs from Thursday 9/23 through Friday 10/1. […]

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Avoiding Cliches

September 20, 2010
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On this week’s episode we are joined by Leslie Meisel and Megan Neuringer who created the very funny new show “Love Can Suck A Dick… And So Can I!” They talked with us about creating the show and how to avoid cliches when you are dealing with universal subjects like love and heartbreak and deaf, […]

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Fall Preview 2010

September 13, 2010
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“You are aware that there’s an invention called television, and on this invention they show shows, right?” -Pulp Fiction Get ready! The new fall season is almost here! Dan and Dustin walk you through all the new comedy that will be coming to your TV screens this year. So much potential for ground-breaking, mind-blowing, world-changing […]

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Catching Up With Kimmy Gatewood and Pangea 3000

September 6, 2010

In this week’s podcast we are talking sketch comedy with the always wonderful Kimmy Gatewood and the hilarious Pangea 3000.  We caught up with them at this year’s Sketchfest NYC but we wouldn’t be surprised if by now they’re all starring in the next (Insert Huge Comedy Movie That You Subjectively Like). Play in […]

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Putting Your Politics Into Your Act

August 30, 2010
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Last week Michael Ian Black totally lost his shit on stage when an audience member compared Obama to Hitler.  Personally I’m glad he did it.  The audience member, not so much. In this episode we look at how much a comedian should put their own politics and opinions into their act.  What is their responsibility […]

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From The Mail Bag: Best Comedy Cities & Disappearing Scenes

August 23, 2010

In the week’s episode, we answer some questions from the mailbag. One listener wanted to know the best cities to do comedy in. We spoke on the topic with surprising authority considering 95% of the shows we’ve ever done have been in New York. Another listener asked about when thriving comedy scenes suddenly dry up, […]

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Just Watch This

August 19, 2010

So Crocogator didn’t win last night, but it was still a blast! Thanks to Channel 101 NY for screening it. On a happier note, this. Just watch this: MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON

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