Conan At The Beacon

by The Comedy Nerds on November 10, 2011

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This week we are joined by Michael Hartney, as we discuss our trip to see Conan O’Brien at the Beacon Theater in New York! It was totally awesome, and guests Matthew Broderick and Paul Simon were amazing, and we’re not at all upset that we didn’t go to a different show, that had other guests and different things happening, so why would you ask such a weird question? We discuss the fine are of pre-show warm ups, the cue card mafia, and why Andy Richter has the best job in the world. And 2e say so long to Michael, as he heads off to Los Angeles. I hope you enjoy him on this episode, because soon he’ll be super-famous and will forget all about us, so great last guest spot on the Comedy Nerds, Michael Hartney!

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