How Much Longer Will Sketch Comedy Be On TV?

by The Comedy Nerds on August 1, 2011

Hey, so what are you going to put in the time capsule?  A Justin Bieber album? Really?  I just don’t get him.  And that whole thing with Usher.  What?  Oh, me?  I am putting in sketch comedy shows on TV.  Well, first of yes I can put a concept in the time capsule.  You’re not the boss of me!  Second, it’s because the internet may in fact be making the full fledged sketch comedy TV show obsolete.  So maybe one day our grand kids will open up the time capsule and admire sketch comedy shows on TV the same way we do when we open ours and found pogs.  In other words, they’ll think “Really?  That was a thing?  Why?”

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