$#*! My Dad Says Wins People’s Choice

by The Comedy Nerds on January 6, 2011

Apparently it was us $#*! My Dad Says won the People’s Choice for best new comedy.  Admittedly the competition was not great (I’m looking at you “Better With You” that no one ever heard of) but really?  Normally I could blame industry insiders, the press or the Illuminati* but this is the people.  The people picked this punch-in-the-ball-sack of a show.  Remember the date January 5th, 2011.  This is going to be the date that historians in the future use to prove that democracy does not work.

Other Winners:
Favorite Comedy Movie – Grown-Ups (The movie we all kind of wanted to see, on cable)
Favorite Comedy Star – Adam Sandler (What was that?  Sorry I thought I heard 1997)
Favorite TV Comedy – Glee   (this is not a comedy show people!)
Favorite TV Comedy Actor – Neil Patrick Harris (good choice)
Favorite TV Comedy Actress – Jane Lynch (I’m not mad, but I am not happy)

*They are real and they are reading your mind through your cereal box.  Wake up people!

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