30 Rock Live!

by The Comedy Nerds on October 15, 2010

On this week’s episode we give our initial reactions to 30 Rock’s live episode (East Coast Version). With a cast full of former Saturday Night Live cast members and hosts, it was probably the best TV show on the air to try something like this, but did it work? Plus, we look at the history of when great TV shows challenge themselves by doing a live episode. Also, Gimme A Break did it for some reason.

Thanks to the internet, you can compare the East Coast version to the West Coast versions (or you can cheat and just go here). Different jokes! Flubbed lines! Why does it make me feel so alive?!

This week’s episode is sponsored by Christian Polanco. You can find out more about his show “And Then What Happened?” here. If you would like to be the sponsor for next week’s episode, answer the trivia question on our Facebook page.

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