Going Inside The Comedy Mind With Inside Joke

by The Comedy Nerds on August 2, 2010

photo by Andrew Dickerson

Is there a big comedian of which you are a fan? If so, then Carl Arnheiter has probably talked to them on his fantastic show Inside Joke. Carl specializes in smart, fun, insightful talks with the biggest names in comedy. This week we talk to Carl about some of the people he’s talked to and what he’s learned about comedy while doing it. Carl tells us how the show got started (it involves Jon Stewart, so it’s a pretty good story), and how it has evolved. If you like good talk about comedy, this is the episode for you.

Plus! Did you know there were caddies in the movie “Caddyshack”? Suing younger versions of yourself for defamation: The hot new way to make money? And the dangers of watching too much British comedy, Guv’ner.

photo from inside-joke.com, by Andrew Dickerson.

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