I Keep Telling You, Zombies Can’t Drive

by The Comedy Nerds on July 11, 2010

To prove that if there is a divine being he has a dark sense of humor and therefor is like me and therefor I am partially divine,  KGW is reporting that a bunch of people dressed as zombies got into a car crash in Portland. It’s 2010 people, why did it take this long for people dressed as zombified americans to get into a car crash? When the paramedics finally arrived they thought the wounds were way worse then they really were and I’m sure at least one dude thought that zombie apocalypse was finally upon us (which it is not, but it’s coming people.  Get your shotguns and duct tape ready. It’s gonna be a bad one.  I hear this time it’s personal).  Don’t worry.  Everyone was fine, except for the whole being the living undead.

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