Programming Comedy Central Classic… If It Existed

by The Comedy Nerds on June 28, 2010

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There is ESPN Classic. There is VH1 Classic. There is Boomerang (which is like Cartoon Network Classic). There is the History Channel, The Military Channel and the Military History Channel.* So with all these channels, this week Dan and Dustin, along with special guest Michael Hartney, humbly suggest a channel that doesn’t exist, but we wish it did: Comedy Central Classic. We present what our schedules would be for this non-existent (but would totally awesome if it did exist) TV network. Where would you schedule reruns of Strip Mall? Would “Make Me Laugh” still make you laugh? Are you willing to give Marc Maron a little attention and watch “Short Attention Span Theater”? Well curl up on the couch, put on your iPod, and let’s all pretend like it’s 1996 all over again.

Plus! Truth bombs are dropping on the England! We have a sitcom emergency. And a little town called Taloosa.

*Not a joke.

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