Louie Did It Right On FX

by Dustin D'Addato on June 30, 2010

Louis CK kicked off his new show last night and it got it so much righter than Lucky Louis.  The two episodes that aired were funny and even at certain times touching.  To me the big problem with Lucky Louie was the chemistry that was suppose to be there and wasn’t.  Louie is all about his lack of chemistry with the rest of the world and it works perfectly.  If you are a fan of Mr. C.K. stand up then you will already be pretty on board.  The show bounces back and forth between him performing at the Cellar and Carolines (I keep seeing his tweets about being in the audience for those like 10 minutes too late) and scenes from his “life”.  While I thought the show could have been a little bit more cohesive it made up for it some heart breaking and hilarious honesty.  Also he showed his ass crack right there on the first night, so you gotta give him credit for that.

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