Backstage At Sketchfest NYC 2010

by The Comedy Nerds on June 14, 2010


Sketchfest NYC 2010 has come and gone. You tell yourself to just relax and enjoy it, but it’s hard to stuff that much fun into a single weekend and before you know it, you are waking up a little hungover with aching stomach muscles and smelling vaguely of cigarettes and a McDonald’s dumpster and Sketchfest is over. But we did our best to capture as much of the magic as we could in our own fleeting way through the power of some microphones, a Macbook, and maybe a little something called The Power of Love (or maybe it was “I Want a New Drug”, it’s hard to remember). So sit back and listen to these interviews with sketch comedy powerhouses B.O.F., Two Man No Show, FUCT, Team Submarine, and Audience of Two and keep the spirit alive. Remember, it’s only 362 more days until next year’s Sketchfest!

Don’t forget to check out interviews with Fearsome, Two Fun Men, and Dave and Ethan at

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