What’s Up With The Upfronts?

by The Comedy Nerds on May 24, 2010


On this week’s episode we talk about the television upfronts. Every year the networks put on a big show and present what they have coming in next year. “It’s a family that gets super powers! Ta da!”  It’s all for the advertisers, but we peek through a hole in the fence Little Rascals-style and give you who-that and the what-for of the coming TV season. What new shows will premier? What beloved favorites are canceled? What shows will start a half hour earlier then they currently do? Can you feel it? Taste it? This is the new excitement.

Also? Tom Selleck buys a helicopter and water balloons. A talking dog with shifty eyes. And we say CougarTown a lot. I mean, like, a lot.

photo from flickr by same_same

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