Today Is An Equally Bad Day To Be Nick Madson

by Dustin D'Addato on May 1, 2010

So after everyone and their mother posted the clip of Nick Madson stealing Patton Oswalt’s material yesterday Nick posted a reply.  This was his response:

Mr. Oswalt.

I would like to sincerely appologize [sic] to you for everything that has transpired in the last couple days. It is not now, nor was it ever my intent to make a career for myself, or to profit by telling other comics jokes. I understand the work that goes into making something your own, and the pride that one takes in that.

I want to let you know that I was not trying to build a career for myself by telling jokes that you and others had written. I was trying to put together a little show for my good friend, to possibly try and raise some money for his theatre that he is still in the process of getting off the ground. Without a lot of time to prepare for said show, I decided I would pull some of my favorite bits together from comedians I admire, to create a funny performance that might raise some money for his theatre. I did not want to be taped, and I did not want to become a youtube [sic] star, and was not looking for my 5 minutes of fame (however negative). I should have informed the Hilltop Theatre owners that I was going to do a performance made up of jokes and bits from my favorite performers.

Please know that I do not travel around the country telling your jokes. This was a performance that I did as a fundraiser for a crowd of about 12 of our friends. I know this appology [sic] does not take anything back, and does not by any means make anything right. I do not know what I can say, or exactly how to appologize [sic], as I have no personal manager or any one to consult with about my first public scandel [sic]. I hope you can trust I will not go around telling your jokes, and I am sincerely sorry that all of this had to happen. I wish I could take it back and do things differently, but I cannot.

My Deepest Appologies [sic]

Nick Madson

The only problem is that the apology much like Nick’s act is a complete and total lie.  Patton checked and it turns out the it wasn’t a fundraiser, he was paid, he never told anyone he was stealing and claimed it was for a special he was taping later this fall.  WOW!  Dude.  This is bad.  You should not talk any more.  Just stay down.  Here is Patton’s full reply.  You will want to take a read because it is awesome…and frankly I want to make sure I give him as much credit as possible so he doesn’t go after me too.

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