Comedy Central Cancels The Sarah Silverman Program

by The Comedy Nerds on May 12, 2010

Word came late last night from that the big wigs over at Comedy Central have canceled The Sarah Silverman Program.  While I have to admit in full disclosure that I stopped watching the show midway through season 2 because Sarah seemed to cartoonishly unlikable to allow for the story to have any meaning I will still miss the show.  It was good to finally have a gross female voice on TV.  We’ve had plenty of Al Bundy’s and Archie Bunker’s on TV to bring us a man saying terrible things only to learn a lesson at the end (only toforget it immediately at the start of the next episode), but Sarah was one the first female voice that I can remember to do that.  It was brave and often very funny.  Did it step over the line sometimes?  Sure, but she was breaking new ground (yes, through poop jokes) and I admire her and the show for it.  Sorry to see you go Sarah.

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