Betty White Confirms SNL Appearnce

by Dustin D'Addato on March 8, 2010

The lovely Betty White has finally confirmed that she will be appearing on an upcoming episode of SNL accoring to People:

When asked by PEOPLE, “Are you doing Saturday Night Live,” she answered, “Yes,” even if she remains perplexed by the groundswell of support.  “I don’t know why or how,” she says, “but it’s been wonderful.”

Why were we all supporting you Betty White?  Because you are fun cool lady who still gets it. And lets be honest Betty, you’ve always been at your best when you are a bit naughty (don’t read anything sexual into that you pervs.  Okay maybe a little) and SNL knows that and will have you doing awesome things (I vote for making out with Jenny Slate or doing Really? with Seth and Betty).  Plus you’ve made us laugh since…well, pretty much as long as anyone who is reading this has been alive.  I can’t wait!

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