Where Has Sinbad Been?

by The Comedy Nerds on February 19, 2010

Dude?  Sinbad is back.  No.  I’m serious.  He’s going to be on Comedy Central this Sunday.  No.  Calm down.  Calm down.  He’s not going to be in a movie.  It’s just a stand-up special.  Yeah, I think he totally realizes he’s been MIA for like a decade, that’s why he called his special “Where U Been?”.  No, he dresses like a normal person.  I agree.  I thought he would too.  He’s in like normal clothes. Yeah, I totally agree, he could be a little hack from time to time but generally he had some funny jokes.  Yeah, I’m curious to see how it is too.

I’m sorry, what was that?  Screw you.  You can’t talk to me like that even if you are a person I made up in my head.  Yes, I did make you up in my head.  No that doesn’t make me crazy.  No it doesn’t.  What?  Yeah.  So what?  Some things do need to get set on fire and yes I find the flames both beautiful and strangely erotic.  That’s normal.  Can we get back to Sinbad’s special this weekend.  Fine.  Well, I am going to watch.  And I am not crazy!  To prove it I am going to write “I’m not crazy” on my wall 3,000 times in my own blood and then we’ll see who needs to go back on him medication you stupid in my brain person.  Or are you real…  I better go.

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