FX Takes Another Shot At Archer

by Dustin D'Addato on February 22, 2010

See what I did there?  Shot – Archer.  Yeah…  Anyway, the Hollywood Reporter is reporting that FX picked up Archer for 13 episodes of season 2.  I’ll admit it, I wasn’t a big fan of the first episode and almost didn’t watch on.  But I knew…I knew that H. Jon Benjamin was not going to lead me astray and I was right!  The show got a lot better.

If you haven’t checked it out (or are like me and are silently protesting FX for no other reason than that it feels weird to consider them a real channel even though they have plenty of good and popular shows) you can watch the first 3 episodes on Hulu (maybe skip to “Diversity Hire” if you are quick to judge).  I’m sure you will think Archer is a hit!  That was too much wasn’t it?  I was forcing that one and you can totally tell.  I’m sorry.  You deserve better.

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