The Comic’s Comic Saves Lives Too!

by Dustin D'Addato on January 9, 2010

You gotta love The Comic’s Comic Sean McCarthy.  The dudes got a crazy good comedy blog.  But is that enough for him?  Hells to the no.  Now the dude is saving lives! (Come on man, I already feel bad about my comedy blog quality, now you’re a hero?)  Check out his updates last night from the twitter.

via Sean's t Twitter

Picture From Sean's Twitter

Spotted man passed out in the tracks on 6 line southbound at 23rd st. Alerted MTA but still had to wave down train. Phew! Too close.

Train arrived before the medics did. Thank God the conductor saw me!

Listen buddy, it’s awesome comedy blog or super hero.  You HAVE to pick one.  (and maybe I pushed that guy onto the tracks for a reason. Did you ever think of that Mr. Life Saver?  Maybe he said my jokes are good but not great and therefor deserved to die.  Feel a little silly now, huh?)

Oh, and since it happened to Sean that makes him the news and me the person reporting the news.  That means I broke the story.  Suck on that Sean.  Suck on that!!!!!!!!!!

Click Here to listen to the episode when Sean came on the podcast to talk comedy blogging.

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