Three Good Reasons To Give Grizz Your Kidney

by The Comedy Nerds on December 15, 2009

415px-Grizz_ChapmanListen folks, Grizzwalk “Grizz”Chapman from 30 Rock needs your kidney so give it up people.  He needs it.  This is serious.  Here are three good reason you should go give Grizz that pesky second kidney you got rolling around.

Weightloss – The average kidney ways over 14 pounds (I think, admittedly it could be a little less) so that’s like instant diet right there.  Why go to the gym when you can just give Grizz a kidney?  You’ll get that sexy beach body over night.

Super Organs – Without that stupid second kidney or “stupidny” your other organs will have more room and will flourish.  Some people think the appendix doesn’t do anything.  But I say it does.  I say it can help you fly if only it had a kidney size more room in the body.

Dot Com Gets Lonely Easy – He’s so sensitive.  And sometimes he needs the kind of comfort that only a hug from Grizz can offer.  It’s true.  Go ahead.  Ask him.

I will be expecting kidneys to start showing up at the Comedy Nerds offices very soon for me to take over to him.  Remember people, pack them in ice.  If the kidney goes bad it is no use for me or Grizz other than to add to my collection.

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