The VH1 Voice and Comedy From Unconventional Places

by The Comedy Nerds on December 7, 2009

VH_Swen_middleOn this week’s episode, we welcome VH1 writer Kristen Swensson! From “Best Week Ever” to “Awesomely Bad Hair”, VH1 has pioneered the snarky talking-head clip show. These shows have not only provided hours of enjoyment for the home audience, but have also given up and coming comedians much needed exposure and opportunities to pay their rent. Kristen gives us the low down on how these shows come together. From listing the 100 best Hip Hop songs of all time, to coaxing embarrassing stories out of comedians, we cover it all.

Plus, we do the news. How would you feel if Derek Jeter murdered your parents? After he’s done with this being President gig, does Obama have a promising future making promos for TBS? And learn about Dan’s inability to tell if a man is handsome and how that makes Dustin so mad.

You can check out Kristen’s fun and funny food blog at

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