Are Corporations Ruining Comedy?

by The Comedy Nerds on November 1, 2009

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buildingCorporations.  Huh.  What are they good for?  Other than making stuff absolutely nuthin’.  Like it or not, every major comedy source in this country is in one way or another beholden to a corporation of some kind.  They get to decide what makes it to air and what doesn’t.  Sponsors, network execs, basically anyone who can be considered “the man” gets to push their stupid noses into the comedy making process.

In this week’s episode we look at the effect of corporations on today’s comedy culture.  Has main stream success brought too many sponsors to shows like SNL and hurt the quality?  Can a show get more powerful than their corporations?  What the hell was Microsoft thinking when they considered sponsoring Seth MacFarlane’s live show?

Plus, we argue about the relevance of Monty Python as the celebrate their 40th anniversary.  (Wow, they are old!)

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