2009 ECNY Nominations Are Open

by Dustin D'Addato on November 11, 2009

The Emerging Comic community is all abuzz today as nominations for ECNY awards are open.  You, the public get to decide who the best up and coming comedians are in New York City.  You can nominate anyone (in a variety of categories) who lives in NYC and did comedy in 2009.  For example you could click on this link and nominate www.thecomedynerds.com for best comedy website.  You could tell all your friends to nominate www.thecomedynerds.com for best website.  You could pay people money to nominate www.thecomedynerds.com for best website.  Or you could nominate @comedynerds for best twitter.  That would be fun, wouldn’t it?  Or Dustin D’Addato for best comedian or The Resistance or Secret Hospital for best sketch group.  Those are all very very very very good ideas (also, if you don’t  that means you hate freedom and love terrorism and punching kittens in the throat).

No matter what you decide to do (specifically you should nominate www.thecomedynerds.com for best website if I didn’t make that clear or you will make my mother cry and wonder why she had me in the first place) it’s important to support live comedy and up and coming comedians.  They do it for the love people.  The love! (of money/fame/women/men and sometimes comedy)  The video below explains more:

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