I Was Going To Review The Jeff Dunham Show…

by The Comedy Nerds on October 23, 2009

I was all set to review The Jeff Dunham Show. I had my notes. I had a can of AMP energy I has purchased at the dollar store for $0.25 a can because it was passed the expiration date and looks like gasoline.  I had my snobby pretentious sarcasm all ready to go and then I took a look around the internet and saw the following review on Videogum and that said everything that needed to be said in just the right amount of words.  So rather than go through my incredibly long list of problems I had with the show I submit this excerpt from the Videogum review:

If I had to sum up my feelings and reactions to The Jeff Dunham Show in a single sentence it would be FUCK THIS SHOW IN THE FACE UNTIL IT DIES.

Admittedly I feel like that my be a tad bit harsh, but yeah, it was kind of homophobic, a tad bit racist and not very funny. But hey, it was just the pilot so…

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