Everybody Be Cool About Last Night’s SNL

by The Comedy Nerds on September 27, 2009

Listen, I’ve been hearing a lot of rumors about who may or may not have said the f word on last night’s SNL season premier.  What?  That’s ridiculous.  Hey look over there!  (whispering) Okay, while we’re alone.  Let’s all agree to be cool about this.  Sure Jenny maybe have dropped the F-Bomb on her first show, but that’s because she’s awesome.  She got into the character and that character says the f-word a lot.  We’re all be grown-ups here.

There are going to be some people all “my children will never be the same because they heard that word.  Yeah, I let my kids stay up until after midnight on a Saturday because sometimes I get drunk and pass out with the TV on”.   Those people ruin everything,  I mean, let’s face it, it’s a late night sketch comedy show.  They should be able to say fuck when ever they feel like it.  If you hear anyone complaining about it tell them to SHUT UP.  Be cool and have Jenny’s back on this one.  Or next time they may come for you…

Also, I thought the episode was really funny and Megan Fox actually did a good job on SNL.  She’s no Justin Timberlake, but she wasn’t half bad.

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