Nerdin’ Out Is Back – This Friday

by The Comedy Nerds on August 12, 2009

That’s right, once again The Comedy Nerds have picked their favorite comedy performers and put together a fantastic show for your enjoyment.

You know who I’ve been hearing some really great things about? Aparna Nancherla. Too bad she’s not in this show. Wait, she is! Holy Cow! That’s awesome! That’s enough of a show right there.

But you know who would really made this a show you can’t miss. Claudia Cogan. OMG, is she ever funny. Get out of town! She’s going to be there too. Well now you just got to go.

And you know who is just blowing up right now? Team Submarine. Everywhere you look these days, you see them pop up. Now, there is some name recognition. What??? They will also be on stage? This show is out of control! I don’t know if one show can contain such high comedy wattage.

There only one person I can think of who could possibly round out a cast so good—SHUT UP!!! SERIOUSLY?!? Sean Crespo. THE Sean Crespo is going to be there? This show is off the hook!

Oh yeah? Did I happen to mention this little show is FREE. What’s the matter? Did I just BLOW YOUR MIND?

You’re welcome.



66 Greenpoint Ave

Friday August 14th @ 8pm

Price: Free

Take the G to Greenpoint Ave Stop

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