Lessons Learned… Never Tell Them You’re Leaving

by Dustin D'Addato on August 5, 2009

A good comic should learn something every time they get on stage.  I don’t know if I am a good comic but I sure learned something last night.  I was performing on the a show hosted by my buddy Mike Blejer and the set was going pretty well.  I hadn’t been on stage in a while so some of the wording was off and i dragged a bunch of things on for way too long, but I got laughs throughout.  Then it came time for the big closer.  Or so I thought.

I made the rookie mistake of saying “All right.  I’ll leave you with this” before my last joke  Here’s the thing.  If the you tell them that you are telling your last joke and then it bombs, there is no getting out of it.  They know you thought the joke was funny, but they did not.  Now it’s really awkward and everyone feels a little gross about themselves.  I know I did.  And that’s what you are leaving them with, a nice gross feeling.  The truth is that it can happen at any time with any joke.  That particular joke always does well.  Well, it had always done well.  But last night…nothin’.  Not a damn chuckle.  Sometimes that just happens.  So now I know, never tell them you are telling your last jokes.  Just keep telling jokes until they laugh…or you cry…whichever comes first.

(See if I really learned by lesson by coming out to see NERDIN’ OUT II at COCO66 on August 14th @ 8pm.  More details to come soon.)

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