Dana Carvey Show in New York Times

by Dan McInerney on May 11, 2009

In anticipation of the DVD release, the New York Times has a piece about The Dana Carvey Show:

Comedy fans may remember it as a crucible in which many future stars were forged. But for the people who created the show, it was a stark lesson that when idiosyncratic talents are given the freedom to follow their personal muses, a mass audience does not always follow.

“It was probably the most bizarre variety show in the history of American television,” Mr. Carvey said in a recent interview. “I’m not even saying good or bad, just bizarre.”

Check out the full article here.

Between this and the State release, it’s a good time for obscure, cult sketch comedy. Although, other than SNL and maybe Mad TV, is there any other kind of sketch comedy other than obscure and cult?

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