Angry Gets Me Comedy!

by The Comedy Nerds on April 3, 2009

Angry Kid

Photo from flickr by pfau

Comedy makes me happy.  But anger is what gives me comedy.  So much of the humor we see on a daily basis is angry.  It’s aggressive.  It’s so often about getting a laugh at the expense of some one, some thing or yourself.  (cough) Richard Lewis (cough).

Some might say it’s about tearing down others so you feel better about yourself.  Screw those people.  They are just mad because someone said something funny about them.  Yeah, I said it Poindexter.  Man up!  Actually, in some ways I agree with that, but it was much more fun to say I was angry about it and thus prove my point.  Yep, that’s called a call back.  Jealous?  I thought so.

So this week we look at why anger is so closely tied to comedy.  Can they be seperated?  Is it possible to take that anger too far?  Does John Tesh have the best radio show of all time?  We welcome comedian and writer for Sean Crespo to discuss with us.  Plus, we also welcome back sketch comedian Michael Hartney to join in on the discussion.  His group Secret Hospital just got into LA’s Sketchfest, so if you are in the area in May check them out.

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