The Three Stooges – Starring…wait. What?

by Dustin D'Addato on March 26, 2009

So you’ve probably heard about the new Three Stooges movie in the works.  I am thrilled to see how they are going to pull it off.  And now I am very excited because they have released the cast or at least the cast that they are trying to put the final ink on the contracts for.  Y’all ready for this?

Jim Carrey as Curly – Sean Penn as Larry – Benicio del Toro as Moe

Okay.  Jim Carrey as Curly.  It would be hard for anyone to fit that roll satisfactorily, but if anyone can do it he can.  Sean Penn as Larry is…um…yeah…um…well…it’s ah… Wow.  I’ve got nothing.  He’s going from Milk to Larry?  I admit that he is one of the greatest actors I have ever seen.  I admit in recent years he has made a lot of great choices in roles.  I have to admit that I am really curious to see how he takes getting comedically hit in the head with a pipe.  But del Toro is the one that still has me going wha?  wha?  wha?  It’s not that he can’t be funny.  He can.  He just can’t speak clearly.  Is every joke going to be Curly and Larry saying “what was that?”.

But all that said, I really want to see that movie.

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