Cruel Twists of Fate

by Dan McInerney on March 16, 2009

I am in the middle of reading a book about a guy becoming more spiritual and seeing the influence of God in things big and small. I would like to believe that to be true, but then I see things like this:


You spent years struggling, playing to half-empty houses, hostile audiences, scraping by, subject to all matter of indignities, until you finally get a chance to make your own movie, on your own terms. Then years later, some movie exec decides the movie you poured all that blood, sweat and tears into is best teamed up with something called “Traci Lord’s Frostbite”. Yikes. I stared at that box and contemplated the chance we live in a cold, indifferent universe. But not for too long, I had to decide between getting the Stallone Double Feature of “Cobra” and “Over The Top” or the Burt Reynolds Double Feature of “Stroker’s Ace” and “Starky’s Machine”. I won’t pretend you don’t all ready know how this story ends. I bought them both.

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