Comedy Is Hard – Punching A Crime Dog Is Easy

by Dustin D'Addato on March 4, 2009

McgruffIt’s a staple of any zany comedy movie.  A familiar pop culture character is doing whatever they do that annoys everyone (Britney Spears singing, Paris Hilton existing).  Then our comedy hero comes up and knocks them the f&%k out.  The audience laughs because they have always wanted to do that.  It’s cathartic (yeah I can use big words).  I admit it.  It’s funny, when it happens in a movie.  But the AP reports that someone thought it would be just hilarious to do in real life and in front of children.  Check it:

Metro bus driver Shawn Brim, 38, climbed off a bus, adjusted his side view mirrors and then punched officer Tyrone Hardy, who was handing fliers to children on a Washington street while dressed as the crime dog, police said. After the punch, Brim got back on the bus and drove away, but was quickly pulled over Saturday.  Brim later told a supervisor he was trying to be funny when he punched McGruff, who urges kids to “take a bite out of crime.”

Listen Shawn.  I get it.  Who hasn’t wanted to punch that sanctimonious crime pooch? (yeah, two big words.  Suck it)  It’s funny to think about.  It’s funny to picture in your mind.  But it is not funny to actually do it.  If you want to go ahead and tell a knock knock joke, fine (but please don’t).  If you want to tell everyone a long pointless story that for some reason you think is funny (but let’s face it, no else does) have at it.  But leave the comedy violence to the professionals because unless it’s happening on a stage or in a movie, its not comedy violence.  It’s just violence.  And violence isn’t funny…except this one time (thinks better of it and ends the post right here)

photo from flickr by jimw

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