Comedy Foot Soliders – Shaun Landry

by Dustin D'Addato on March 25, 2009

For this week’s Comedy Foot Soldier we head out to the west coast to meet improv goddess Shaun Landry.  She has been an unstoppable force in the San Francisco comedy scene for years and a mainstay at every improv festival out there. This week she is making the big move to LA so if you are out there be on the look out.    I had the pleasure of meeting her when I did the San Francisco Improv Festival and I can tell you that her energy and excitement are infectious (insert awkward STD joke here).  I am confident that LA will he thrilled to have her.  Here is what she had to say when we sat her down to answer our Comedy Foot Soldier questions:

What’s the most important thing you learned since you started doing comedy?
If you hear nothing but glass tinkling and coughing? You are sucking. I also learned that you can take just about any backroom and make it into an improvisational theater/standup club. Serious. Walk into any place (supermarket, parking garage) and imagine it with a stage in there. I also learned simple things: Show up on time the gig. Show up sober. Be ready. If it is standup, be nice and try to memorize your stuff and leave you tattered comedy notebook behind. If it is improv? Be prepared to do anything.Shaun Landry

How did you know you were meant to be a comedian?
The moment I realized I could get out of Whoppings by making my mother laugh.

What’s been your brightest moment as a comedian?
There have been many, but I’m always proud of anything I have ever done with Oui Be Negroes. (both improv and Sketch)

What’s been your darkest moment as a comedian?
Showing up to a gig with another standup comedian (That they booked) at a university and NO ONE KNEW we were even supposed to be there (as the gig was booked by the seniors the year before). Seeing kids scurrying along to dorm rooms to try to raise kids was pretty pathetic. Hey. They paid us. and that alone was sort of fucking sad.

What is your favorite thing going on in comedy right now?

Social and political satirist and comedians trying to figure out how the hell to make fun of Obama without being called out by Al Sharpton

What is the scariest thing going on in comedy right now?

Social and political satirist and comedians trying to figure out how the hell to make fun of Obama without being called out by Al Sharpton

Who do you think is today’s most underappreciated comedian/comedy actor?
I would easily say Scott Adsit (30 Rock) is a quiet comedic Genius

What’s the best advice you ever received as a comedian?
Stir the shit and raise the stakes.

What’s the worst advice you ever received as a comedian?
That you can expand your mind with hallucinogenics before a show.

Shaun LandryWhat is your craziest show experience?

Austin Texas. Full house. Great show. standing Ovation. People asking for autographs. I was all “What the hell is *happening here*

What is the biggest source of your comedy?

The News.

How would you describe your comedy?
Spontaneous what the fuck

Quick Hitters

I would like to be known for…doing really good work and being smoking fucking hot for black chick.

Shoot me if I ever…become the size of Aretha Franklin now.

I think most comedians are…romantics completely fucking burned by the concept.

The one thing I have never seen a comedian do, but would love to is…
tell an audience on an HBO comedy special: Do you know how many people’s jokes I have stolen to get here? OH did I say that out LOUD?

My favorite comedy bit that I was not involved in is…Elaine May and Mike Nichols Teenage Car Date Scene

My favorite comedy bit that I was involved in is…Mangling Second City Touring’s Scene Pictionary as much as I humanly could.

People often say they are attracted to a sense of humor. I think that is…how the hell I have gotten laid all of my life. And, married too for almost twenty years. Suck on that unfunny bitches!

I would like to plug…my website ( my improv companies ( and and when in San Francisco check out other funny improvisers at

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