Baron Vaughn in Pilot with Amanda Bynes

by Dustin D'Addato on March 25, 2009

Baron Vaughn and Amanda Bynes together in a comedy pilot for ABC.  Can life get any better?  I submit it that it can not!

The CCI is reporting that the two will be starring in a new comedy:

The show centers around a group of friends who all get fired the same day after a corporate shakeup.  Amanda will play a “naive Midwestern girl who often spent nights at the office to get her work done.” The 22-year-old will star alongside Tim Peper, Stephanie Lemelin and Baron Vaughn.

I love me some Amanda Bynes.  Seriously, The Amanda Show was a sketch show way ahead of it’s time and I will fight you to the death if you think differently.  But I more so love me some Baron Vaughn (in a entirely 95% heterosexual way).  He’s the real deal when it comes to comedy (and just an all around cool dude)  and it is awesome that the networks are finally beginning to see it.  If ABC has any idea what is going on they will pick up this show.  Even if the writing is awful, those two will make it work.  They can make anything work.  The could have made communism work (but thank god they didn’t try or this website would be called the Comedy Comrades.  Actually I kind of like that…I miss communism).

Please make this show happen ABC.  Please make this show happen America.  Please everyone send me a dollor so I can get a down payment for an apartment since Dan just purchased a house and I am feeling bad about where I am in my life.  (that last part is unrelated, but still very important.)

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