Standing Out In A Sea Of Crap

by Dustin D'Addato on February 5, 2009

For any comedian who wants to succeed it’s not enough just to be funny, you have to be memorable as well.  NYC stand up comic Matt Ruby posted a brief but pointed story on the subject on his blog Sandpaper Suit.  He talks about how easy it is to be just another “dude telling jokes”. You can check it out here

I know for a lot of comics it’s hard enough to come up with actual funny material, let alone work it into a persona of some kind.  But I have found that once you find your persona (which is really just getting comfortable enough with you to be you.  Which admittedly is a lot harder than sounds) the material comes more naturally and helps give you a more cohesive point of view and that is what people will remember, rather than a 10 minute set filled with 15 differently focused jokes.

Also,  when coming up with a persona let it be stated that “mad” is not a persona.  Either is “not giving a shit”.

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