Required Reading – Football vs Baseball

by The Comedy Nerds on February 9, 2009

In honor of the official end of the football season (yeah, the pro-bowl was yesterday) and the start of the baseball season soon and George Carlin’s big Grammy win, this week’s Required Reading involves all those things.  We are so damn topical.  Seriously.

If you like sports you will like this clip.  If you hate sports you will like how it makes fun of sports.  If you are just “ah whateva'” about sports, stop being so non committal.  That’s why you can’t find a real relationship.  You need to open your heart if  you ever hope to find true love.   (Warning: This clip doesn’t actually have anything to do with finding true love.  Or does it?  Or doesn’t it?  Or does it?)


feature photo from flickr by: bcjordan

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