Fade Away Jerry!

by Dustin D'Addato on February 26, 2009

It was reported today by the likes of The Comic’s Comic and many others that Jerry Seinfeld (or Steinfeld as my dad like to call him.  Come on dad.  You would take a bullet for the man.  Get his name right.) is returning to NBC as creator of  a new show called “The Marriage Ref” which will be a collection of famous people making fun of couples as they go through marital troubles.

Jerry.  Jerry.  Jerry.  You had one of the greatest shows on television.  Ever!  Go away.  Don’t do this.  You don’t need the money.  America doesn’t need the show.  Hey.  Maybe the show will be entertaining.  Maybe it will even be really good.  But it will NOT be Seinfeld.  All of your co-stars have tried to come back.  THEY ALL FAILED!!!!!  (and don’t give me any “The New Adventures of Old Christine” is a success crap.  It’s generic sitcom 101.  They all know it.  It eats away at their souls.)

Jerry.  It’s time to say “I’m out.”

(or to make my dad happy.  Ask yourself why anyone would go from a pony country to a non pony country.)

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