Comedy Relationships

by The Comedy Nerds on February 19, 2009

RelationshipsThe price of any product eventually comes down to supply and demand.  This is also true for comedy.  A large supply of comedians is constantly fighting to fill the very limited demand for comics to perform.  Therefor comedians usually earn very little money and to have to fight tooth and nail for any job they can get.  But unlike your traditional supply and demand situation, the products in this case are all human beings and they end up hanging out together pretty much all the time.

This week we look at how the struggle to become a successful performer effects the relationships of comedians with other comedians.  How do they deal with competing for the same job?  Do they all secretly hate each other? Is a level of competition a good  thing?  We welcome back comedian and satellite radio personality Ken Zimlinghaus to help us figure it all out.

photo from flickr by: .countz

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