The Universe Will Give You Comedy…

by Dustin D'Addato on January 28, 2009

This is not about the comedy industry, any famous comedians or any theoretical comedy topic.  It’s about a stupid thing that I saw this weekend that I had to share with others.

I was at a seminar this weekend that happened to be taking place in a meeting room  at a library for the blind.  Basically it was rows and rows of books on tape in very brightly colored boxes with huge type.

Very very unsurprisingly, in walks a blind man. He’s got the stick.  He’s bouncing off stuff.  Rockin the sunglasses. Dude is all sorts of blind.  Dude also has to go to the bathroom so he yells out, “Can someone please tell me where the bathroom is?”  I had just come from the bathroom where they had a kick ass handicap stall.  (I frickin’ love the handicap stall.  It’s like your own little apartment in the bathroom.  You’ve got your own sink and a bar to hold onto in case you…um…need a bar.) Anyway, before I could respond to Blindy McBlindy Blind a guy who works there (he had a name tag and was sitting at a desk) yells out, “It’s over there.”  To a blind man.  His directions to a blind man were it’s over there.  Even if it’s your first day, you work there.  You know where you work.  It’s in 30,000 point font in the front on the building.  I would imagine the majority of people you see, well, can’t see.  Are you just trying to taunt the guy with your fancy seeing skills? The guy was super cool about and just said, “You’re going to have to help me out a little more than that.”

Pointing being, I was bored and the universe entertainment me.  Thank you universe.

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