Speaking of The State…

by Dustin D'Addato on January 24, 2009

Hot off The State reunion at San Francisco Sketchfest comes the news that Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter just got the green light for a new show on Comedy Central called Michael & Michael Have Issues.

From Showalter’s Site:

This Fall Michael Ian Black and I made a TV pilot for Comedy Central and we just found out that it got picked up and now we’re going to make a TV show again! Yay! This means I get to spend hours alone in a room with Michael Ian Black and listen to his boring stories about being on “Ed.” Boo!

I personally could not be more excited about this show.  I’m excited.  I’m excited.  I’m excited.  Thank you Comedy Central.  (oh and Michaels if you are looking for another writer I can move some stuff around.  Seriously, I’ll find the time.)  (Also, Michael Ian Black, I loved Ed so much.  I will listen to your boring stories all day long.  Was Tom Cavanagh really as nice as he seems?  Can you believe the nerdy chick is on Big Love now?  She’s kind of hot now, right?  Ignore us everyone else, this just for me and MIB.  I can call you that, right Michael?)

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