Required Reading – The Panda Song

by The Comedy Nerds on January 5, 2009

This week’s required reading comes from the long canceled MTV comedy The Sifl & Olly Show.  It was, as far as we know, the only nationally broadcast show for teens and adults to be done almost entirely by sock puppets.  At the time many people avoided the show because, well, it was a show done almost entirely by sock puppets.  What they missed was a funny, silly and often very clever sketch comedy show.  It’s downfall was probably that is was ahead of it’s time.  If it had come out in the days of Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim it would surely have been a more successful show.  Instead Sifl and Olly will most likely only a be a small footnote in comedy history.  If you like this video we also suggest you hit You Tube and check out My United States of Whatever and many more Sifl and Olly classics.  Yes, sock puppet comedy can have classics.

Silf & Olly – The Panda Song

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Kris January 6, 2009 at 2:05 pm

You guys are obviously drunk on panda mystery.

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